About Us

Each week for 45 years, volunteers of the Whitecliffs Talking News have recorded items of news and interest from the local newspapers of the Dover, Deal and Sandwich area. These include East Kent Mercury and Dover Express and other local sources of information.  These recordings are distributed free to those who are registered blind or visually impaired in conjunction with the Kent Association for the Blind.

Decades ago, the weekly talking news editions were copied onto cassette tapes, in later years onto CDs and now they are distributed on memory sticks; on receipt of return these are reused week in, week out.

New technology has allowed listeners to easily access the KAB website, or use the BWBF App or keep in touch through the use of voice-controlled equipment allowing blind and visually impaired people to keep up to date with news and events.

If you know someone who could benefit from this free service and you live in the Dover, Deal and Sandwich area, then please complete the form on the Contact Page and send it to Whitecliffs Talking News. All the equipment required – computer sticks, wallets and audio players – are provided by the Kent Association for the Blind free of charge, and Royal Mail make no charge for items sent through the post to blind or visually impaired persons.